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Chrissy Nash click here

Please note that Chrissy is unavailable until mid December 2019


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Energy Work

Energy therapy

Working with physical & energetic bodies incorporating colour, sound and/or crystals.

Connecting you to your inner self enhance your own unique experience.

30 minutes     $40

45 minutes      $60

60 minutes      $80

Cutting the Cords

Working with physical & energetic bodies incorporating Selenite wands, pendulums and more.

Bringing you a complete recharge and refresh.

60 minutes     $80

90 minutes      $110

White Light Energy Alignment

Working with energetic bodies including infinity crystal grid and other crystal formations.

Bathing you in high vibrational white light energy.

60 minutes     $80

90 minutes      $110

Chakra Balance

Working with your energetic bodies incorporating a pendulum, intuition and more.

Balancing your Chakra system to enhance your own unique journey.

60 minutes     $80

90 minutes      $110

Energy Field Cleanse

Working with crystal grids and other crystal formations alongside a full body scan.

Re-align your physical, emotional and spiritual energy levels.

60 minutes     $80

90 minutes      $110

Coaching & Guidance

Intuitive Wellbeing Guidance

Alining your physical body with your spiritual journey.

Tuning into and working with your higher self for the  guidance and support, underpinning your journey to be your best self! 

60 minutes     $88

90 minutes     $132

Intensive kick start

120 minutes      $200

Transition Coaching

Helping you through anything you see as a challenge.

I do this by encouraging focus on yourself, creating self-understanding and greater insight to both yourself and the world around you.

Get in touch to arrange your free 30 minute consultation.

60 minutes     $95

90 minutes      $135

Free 30 minute Consultation

Energy Coaching

Everything is energy learn to understand how it can for for you .

With energy coaching;  I teach you all I know about understanding energy, this covers emotional, thought, physical and spiritual energies. Its an exploratory session into how to view your world from an energy perspective.

60 minutes     $95

90 minutes      $135

Free 30 minute Consultation

Spiritual Coaching

Helping you to connect to the spiritual being your are.

With spiritual coaching. I help you to reconnect with your spirit you, to gain understanding and clarity about what this means for you. In this physical realm we get so caught up in the tangible reality and what others are believing yet individually we have our own needs and understanding of our spiritual self. I help you explore your needs & connections however that is for you.

60 minutes     $95

90 minutes      $135

Free 30 minute Consultation

Signature Massages


A body massage sooth away aches & pains.

The most popular and well know massage type that can be easily adapted to suit your needs.

With Chrissy

60 minutes      $80

90 minutes      $110


A full body massage using essential oils, eastern & western techniques.

Stimulating your five senses with tailored mixed oils to enhance your unique experience.

90 minutes     $140

Lomi Lomi

A full body massage using Hawaiian techniques & traditions.

(Woman only) The ocean like strokes gliding from tip to toe help release and recharge your body.

90 minutes     $140

Hot stone

A full body massage using warm stones.

Sooth your entire body into a deeply restful space.

90 minutes     $140



A relaxing therapy that natural stimulates the reflex points on your feet .

Improve or maintain your health in a natural way.

60 minutes     $80

Bach flower remedies

A talk therapy encouraging you to express the challenges you face and a remedy that is uniquely for you.

Subtly realign yourself emotionally and to be more in tune with your inner knowing.

60 minutes     $80

Energy meets Massage Packages

Realigned & Grounded

A scrumptious foot massage enriched with an energy balance.

Float away with polished feet and a relaxed mind.

60 minutes     $80

Centred & Nourished

A back massage with a addition of a harmonious energy balance to finish.

Restore wellbeing, and coax tired and aching muscles back into condition with the power of touch.

60 minutes     $80

90 minutes      $110

Restore & Balance

A rejuvenating leg & foot massage infused with an energy session.

Let your tension and thoughts float away.

60 minutes     $80

“I am so glad you resonate with what we do, we are so grateful and are looking forward to being apart of your journey!”

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