Choosing us

choosing The house of Wellbeing

The house of wellbeing was brought together to combine a range of holistic therapists, coaches, guides and gurus all under one roof.


Our intention is to support your mind, body and soul through your journey at what ever stage you are at.

It is all about empowering yourself and listening to that inner voice, tuning into what you feel drawn too without any questions as to why. 

We offer a wonderful array of sessions and therapies to choose from.

Many of our clients experience insights or inspirations relating to life, work or their wellbeing.


To embody, reconnect and nurture the universal love within us all –

one person, one connection, one session at a time…

For us it’s about the unconditional loving energy, positively impacting on our community through improving the emotional health, wellbeing and quality of life for our clients and then the world in which we live.

We look forward to being part of your journey.

Our philosophy

“Our intuition is our internal navigation system for living our best life”



All thoughts, emotions, colours, and sounds have their own unique vibration also, and all these energies contribute to our own personal energy field (Aura).


Everything in the universe has a vibrational energy whether it be a flower, rock, tree, water, crystal, animal, plant, or mineral.

Each cell within each organ and each system has its own specific vibration and we believe that our outer physical reality is a reflection of our inner non-physical state.


What you feel inside of you has great influence on how you perceive the world and for this reason it makes sense that we try and maintain our wellness both inside and out.

It is believed that when our emotions get triggered they are telling us something about ourselves that needs addressing or for us to take a closer look within.


“When a body is healthy it will have a higher vibration attracting all manner of greatness into your experience.”


As a strong believer in working on your self first to create greatness in your life, mind and body. The house of Wellbeing was founded to bring together a space for nurturing, growing and releasing anything that is not for your highest good in a natural way that will support you on what ever level is needed for your journey in that moment.


“My intention has always been to empower YOU and help to facilitate the release and balance of energy within your physical, mental & spiritual body, helping you to be a well-being!”