Energy Therapy

10 Oct Energy Therapy

What is energy therapy…


Well Energy Therapy as we know it at the house of wellbeing is a combination of hands-on energy balancing or clearing with the added vibrational support of crystal, colour or sound.
They have great healing properties and all are amazing therapies in their own right.
I know this may sound a bit woo whooy but please stay with me with an open heart and ear.

Each session is uniquely yours and here’s how I do it.
Always supporting your highest healing intention and what is needed at that moment just for you.

I sense your energy and am intuitively guided to blend certain elements together to support your journey.
The sound I use a singing bowl, for colour you select a card, and a number of crystals are available.
Sometimes all are used and sometimes just one it all depends on what I sense or am guided to use.
Each session will always include a energy healing where my hands-on approach supports the body’s own self-healing ability.
It is such a re-balancing, nurturing experience and one of my favourites.

A great tip for raising your vibration & energy levels yourself is to have a grateful outlook and heart (I know it can be hard some times when the chips are down but it helps you recover quicker with the silver lining king of view).
In the morning & evening try and get into a routine, so it becomes a habit. Think of 3 things that you are most grateful for today say them in your head, write them down, talk to the mirror while your combing your hair… what ever works for you.
You may be grateful for the big things or it may be smaller things what ever is going on for you in that moment. There are no wrong answers.
On the days where you have been thrown a curve ball its still a great way to go to bed with a grateful heart even if you have to dig deep to find your 3 things.
Doing this simple step can really change how you feel and what you put out to the world.

Have a go, whats the worst that could happen, you might even like it 😃💕🌸