Indian head massage

10 Aug Indian head massage

What is an Indian head massage?


You may have heard of it before but not quite known what exactly it entails.

It is an ancient traditional massage that is thought to have started many thousands of years ago.
Practised by families in India to provide healing on a daily basis, it would also play a part in rituals leading unto births and weddings. Indian head massage is based on the Ayurvedic system of healing.

Traditionally in homes the skill is passed down from mother to daughter, generations are seated in front of one another giving and receiving the massage simultaneously picture it like a train of 4 people sat one in front of one another: Grandma, mother, daughter, granddaughter. It is passes on by the women in the family to maintain well nourished hair. The oils used was either coconut, almond or sesame.

The blissful strokes on your back, the stimulating strokes on your head really sends tingles down your spine.
Energising those areas and helps clear out any toxins and intensely nourishes the hair and scalp.


There are many benefits to the delightful massage and the healing effects of the oils used,
here are a few

Improves clarity of thinking
Releases tension in neck and shoulders
Soothes eye strain
helps clear headaches
Reduces fine lines and tones facial muscles
Improves circulation and hair condition
Can aid hair re-growth
Moves stagnate energy
Healing properties from the coconut oil.

To dive a little deeper in to the nourishment side of things I wanted to talk about the enriching effect that the oils (in this case coconut) have on the scalp and hair.

Im guessing you already have heard how great coconut oil is to use in cooking, moisturising and many other daily routines. We have include coconut oil in so may areas of our life because we know of the many healing properties it contains.

The oil is used on the head and hair, in this situation, accompanied with the movements on the scalp. This combination creates a boost in circulation to the head and hair follicles helping to create and maintain hair growth and nourishment to both scalp and hair. The properties of the coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that nourish and moisturise the hair and reduced hair breakages and even used as a natural remedy to combat frizz.

A study in 2005 from the “Journal of Cosmetic Science” noted that coconut oil penetrated the hair follicle better than the most common ingredient in hair conditioners, mineral oil.


With that in mind heres how you can give yourself a great coconut hair treatment at home.

What you will need:
Cold pressed virgin coconut oil.
Table spoon
Small bowl for warming oil in or jar (heat proof)
heat proof dish /bowl full of heated water.
Shower cap / glad wrap

How to:
Boil kettle & leave to cool slightly
Poor Water into a dish /bowl (larger than the one used for the oil)
Scoop 2 tablespoons of coconut oil & put it into a small bowl or jar.
Place the small bowl into the large bowl of water making sure that the water is not too high and seeps into the oil.
Leave the oil to melt.
Place half the oil into your hands and massage your head, like you would your shampoo.
The remaining amount of oil use on your ends (if you have long or thick hair you may need additional oil).
With your comb work the oil through your hair strands making sure that your hair is evenly coated.
Put on your shower cap / glad wrap tucking all your hair into it.
Leave for a minimum of 30 minutes – Over night is best
Wash out the oil when ready, it may take 2-3 washes

*All the above steps can be done with any oil you wish to use, the only difference is that you may not need to melt it but just warm it instead.*

Done on a regular basis will help with the health of your hair and scalp

Talk about having a pamper night, I have also included for you my IHM inspired facial

So what are you waiting for…go coconut crazy! 🌴💆🏼