28 Mar Intuition

What does intuition mean to me?


“I have to say the biggest gift to myself was honouring my intuition the deeper side of myself that always has my highest good in hand and reinforces the love and trust I have for myself!”



I have find out of all the therapies I do, that trying to explain about intuition is the trickiest, not because its so out there you can’t put your finger on it, but because intuition comes in many forms for many people.

Our intuition always connects and comes through in the easies way for it to get through for us to understand.

Some people sense things, some have a ‘gut’ feeling, some others have a knowing, some people can hear and some can see the point is we are all unique and  whichever way will be perfect for you!


My intuition presents its self to me in a few different ways. I feel things ,thoughts driven by feeling, and strong senses of energy. Another way I describe my intuition is that inner knowing.

A thought that pops into your heart rather than your head.

In other words something that I feel to do rather than something I think to do.


I live and work by my intuition and even though in some strange way that doesn’t always make sense to me at the time, it is always right! It can be the simplest of things like finding a park……feeling which way to turn and Bob’s your uncle there it is.


When using it within my work I often am drawn to areas of concern or sense what extra tools may be needed to support the therapy session.

The more I trust and use it the stronger it feels and the more guidance I get. My intuition has integrated into my daily life, relationships and business. It’s a part of me that has always been there and now I am able to hear.

I feel it is the deeper side of myself the universal energy that connects us all. The amazing thing is that I am remembering…remembering who I truly am and it is such a beautiful journey!

Developing your intuition is completely your journey, it is all about having different experiences to find your truth!


I am happy to share a few of the practises that I found along my journey and if you resonate then great and if you don’t then that’s great too as either way you be on the first step on your ladder and sometimes you don’t know what works until you have experienced what doesn’t work – A beautiful life lesson that is for all of us.


  • Sitting quietly & stilling the mind I usually do it for 15 mins a day.


  • Removing all energy that is not mine or for my highest good on a regular basis. I wash away mine while in the shower, you could ask the wind to blow away, or you have the intention and in your mind see everything float away. The important part is that you will naturally feel drawn to do something so do that


  • Cutting the cords that are no longer needed, and roll them back with love. With a intention and image of a sword cutting all connections, energetic bonds or ties, and literally seeing them roll away. You will be able to reform ones that are important to you by you reaching out to them again through your daily routine. Again the important thing here is that you listen to your own guidance as to how you do this process, some people put bows around the rolls to send back, some people swipe with a feather its your experience & your rules.


  • Regular grounding in nature. What I mean by this is get yourself outside in amongst the beautiful world! go to your outside happy place whether is for a stroll along a beach, sitting under your favourite tree, skying, hiking, swimming whatever it is for you. Take the time to appreciate why it is your special place and thank it. Being mindful in your space as well as being outside in nature will help with your energetic flow.


  • Drink water, you will know your own tolerance. Water is a conductor for energy so if you are amply watered then the energy flows freer. I myself drink between 2-3L per day not including tea, juices etc.


  • Lastly take note & notice of those snippets and first glimpses of intuition. If you can act on them then do so, the more you do the more confident you will become at following your flow.



Listening and working with my intuition has lead on to be able to read the energy around situations, people and places by tapping into the energy it holds and therefor able to feel the most likely outcome if that energy stays the same.

It has also come hand in hand with channeling multi energy form other realms, beings, galaxies. Who knows where this journey will take me. I am excited to be here on this planet doing the best I can and helping other people along the way.

Have fun with it and life and who knows where your intuition journey will take you.

Chrissy  xox