16 Nov Introductions

Exiting times!

Welcome our new team members


“A time for spreading our wings and taking flight”



As we go into the Spring we are also spreading our wings at the house of wellbeing and adding not only some wonderful new holistic & wellbeing sessions but new team members too!

It’s all exciting here and I would love for you to meet them so I have asked both newbies Sammy & Jenny to write a small article on their fabulousness, what makes them rock, and what they feel passionate about.

So first up is the lovely Donna Evans


Hey my name is Donna

From a young age Holistic therapies, nutrition and natural medicine had my attention, First studying ‘Complimentary therapies’ in the UK in 2005, but only for personal interest. It wasn’t until I moved to Wellington in 2015, following 11 years working in Health and Social care in the UK, Australia and NZ, that I began training as a massage therapist, and studied Naturopathic Nutrition.

This year I have been continuing my personal development and am currently completing a Diploma in Pregnancy Massage, through WellMother UK, this has been fascinating and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderful work involved so far

I am really excited for the year ahead and feel so fortunate to have joined the team at The House of Wellbeing, and to work alongside like-minded, and talented therapists, in a truly beautiful clinic space.

I have always, and always will, love working with people. As a massage therapist I offer various styles of massage, adaptable to individual need, I enjoy being able to connect with people to provide both physical relief and mental time out. I know from both my practice and personal wellbeing how beneficial regular treatments can be.


I look forward to welcoming clients, both old & new, into this beautiful and rejuvenating space.



Next is our lovely Jenny Gower


Hi my name is Jenny

In a nutshell I’d say I am a loving, nurturing soul who has a bit of a cheeky sense of humour. I am a mum of an awesome kid and a partner to a great guy, I am a friend to many and a daughter, sister, cousin, aunty and more. 

The majority of my adult life so far I have been a neonatal intensive care nurse, something I am very proud of and something I did well.  25 years of saving lives, working with families and educating colleagues, a career of caring, giving, and displaying a level of skills and knowledge that’s difficult to explain unless you’ve been there.  Yet a long time ago I had a knowing feeling that I would be helping people in a way that I couldn’t then describe but for sure it wasn’t in nursing, I guess I thought there would be a thunder bolt or maybe a letter from the universe saying ‘right this ………. is what you are to do’. A decade and a half passed by since that feeling (did it really have to take that long ☺) and I felt no wiser about the what, but clear that I had to leave nursing and take a leap of faith. And that leap into the abyss has been the last 2 years gaining clarity of what I am to do, understanding that I already had many of the skills I required and that there wasn’t going to be a thunder bolt or angelic letter as such, though it would have made for a far more exciting story. Throw into that mix an obsession about all things energy, a life coaching course, a diploma in child and youth counselling, and an ongoing amount of research and reading as I absorb more and more of what the world is learning as we all evolve. 

I love people and have always been fascinated with how we all think, feel and process our lives. So for me it’s been great that I have always been able to tune into people and their energy with ease, that I am blessed with a natural insight into the bigger picture of how things may be.  I have also been through challenges of my own and like to think I learnt from them as I went, even though some needed repeating (often) at times, and of course they have built on my understanding and empathy. 

I currently call myself a transition coach which to be honest isn’t necessarily the best description of what I do but I can’t seem to find one better just yet. 

To me transition coaching is about helping people through anything they see as a challenge for them. I do this by helping people to focus on themselves, creating self-understanding and greater insight to both themselves and the world around them.  This is my approach because I believe that the only things we can genuinely change are all things related to ourselves and that when we get things right within ourselves we naturally positively influence others in our life. And that’s how I work with people, looking at their individuality, how they are who they are and how they can move forward in a way that is true to themselves.

Evolving is the purpose of people, life, the world, the universe, when we stop evolving we are often fixed in a belief, muddled in fear, uncertain, confused, challenged.  We are all so individual, there is not a one answer fits all approach, there never was, we are our own norm, incomparable really as it’s a waste of energy trying to compare when we are unique from each other on so many levels.  And there’s no end point as such, no box to tick or finish line to cross, we just keep evolving our wonderful selves throughout our lifetimes, learning or not, turning left or right or maybe going straight ahead sometimes, until one day we leave our human reality and return to our spiritual energy selves where I believe we continue to evolve. 

Jenny x


Our lovely Donna will be offering Therapeutic & Relaxation massage, specialised pregnancy massage and reflexology massage.

Jenny will be offering one to one energy coaching, spiritual coaching and transitional coaching.

If you would love to connect with Donna for a session click here  for details.

If you would love to connect with Jenny for a session click here  for details.


See you soon lovely ones

Chrissy x