10 Sep Reflexology

What is Reflexology and the Stories our feet can tell.


Reflexology is one of my favourites, not only is it doing so much greatness for your body, but it is so soothing and relaxing too.

A snippet of the history:
Reflexology dates back thousands of years and in many other civilisations.
It is widely thought that reflexology originated in China 5000 years ago.
However Reflexology appears to have been used in Ancient Egypt, Greece, early Japan, India and Russia also.

Modern day reflexology has its origins in Zone Therapy which was pioneered by Dr. William H. Fitzgerald, born in Connecticut USA
Zone Therapy was then adopted by Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist in her treatment of patients in the 1930’s. She developed it further.


“The feet walk upon the earth and through this your spirit is connected to the universe”

Jenny Wallace
(A Cherokee Indian practising foot therapies on her tribe)


I love the above quote and to me, it optimises the connection I feel to mother earth when walking around bare foot. 💕

Reflexology in short is the reflection of your body and the systems within it manipulated on the feet, hands or ears.

By stimulating the reflex points on your feet, hands, ears you stimulate the body part or system within. this then helps your body to naturally clear, support and balance itself. Your whole body gets the benefit even though you may only be working on one area 👣


There are many stories about many things but did you ever stop to think our feet could tell us about about our body?!


Its funny and you may not know this but our feet can actually tell a story about your overall health just by looking at them

Different colours, skin conditions / dryness along with moisture and temperature and even smell can all indicate imbalances within your body.
It is truly fascinating even without having a reflexology session. (Although a foot assessment is always used as part of a reflexology treatment)

These are only a suggestion as to whats possible happening, along with the combination of a reflexology session.

They are never used to diagnose anyone!


Dry skin
can be an indication of poor circulation glandular imbalance or even an allergy

Areas of redness or blueness indicate poor circulation. A yellow colour may indicate an imbalance in the liver or excess toxins, bile in the system. Variations in colour may indicate a buildup of toxins in the corresponding area, fluid retention or mucus.

Suggest there has been a surgery in a part of their body corresponding with that reflex point.

If they’re cold that may indicate circulatory problems or if they are hot, possible illness or imbalance in the metabolism.

Sweaty feet
Indication of the thyroid imbalance

May be an imbalance in some systems

Will show possible areas or systems affected by fluid in balance or other internal disorders.

My form on a part of the foot relating to an imbalance in the corresponding area

Nail abnormalities
Could be an indication of disease vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Athletes foot
Could relate to eye or ear problem.

Ingrowing toenail
Particularly on the big toe may relate to headaches.

Blisters and scars
May affect the energy flow

Particularly around the heel area may indicate up a hormonal imbalance or lack of fat in the diet.

What could your feet trying to tell you? 👣🌟