Swedish massage

10 Oct Swedish massage

So what is a Swedish massage?


Although Massage has been around for thousands of years ‘Swedish’ massage started in the
Early 19th century. Swedish physiologist Pehr Henrick Ling reintroduced massage to main stream Europe.
He claimed that whilst travelling around the Orient he took on and learnt techniques and cured himself of rheumatism.
He assembled a system of massage & exercise based on the Orient techniques along with Greek, Egyptian and Roman teachings accompanied with a little of his own.
He took inspiration from the eastern cutlers and adapted them to suit the western cutlers.
For this he was often credited with the name father of modern day massage and the creator of today’s well known & internationally used Swedish Body Massage.


How would you benefit?
High stress levels can effect the natural balance of the body as well as being a root cause for some common illnesses such as head aches, high blood pressure, digestive problems, insomnia etc.
Massage can help regulate the body by promoting relaxation. and balancing our energy flow.
This helps the body to function naturally and to release endorphins
The whole massage experience enhances the relaxation process.

It is important that we take time out for our selves…We can often get swallowed up by other responsibilities.

If we feel good then we radiate it to others – be the energy you want to attract 💕

This style of massage is a great all rounder and if you are new to massage this is a good one to start with!