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16 Nov Introductions

Exiting times! Welcome our new team members   "A time for spreading our wings and taking flight"     As we go into the Spring we are also spreading our wings at the house of wellbeing and adding not only some wonderful new holistic & wellbeing sessions but new team members...

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09 Aug Salt Bathing

Aroma bath salt crystals     Why its a good idea to have a salt bath? Firstly having a bath or foot spa is such a wonderful gift to honour yourself with especially in todays hectic juggling of life. I recommend using sea salt, Himalayan salt and epsom salts and...

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28 Mar Aromatherapy

What is Aromatherapy?   Aromatherapy - The practise and use pure essential oils to enhance physical, mental & emotional wellbeing. Used for their aroma as well as their therapeutic values hence the name aroma-therapy.   I love aromatherapy! Its definitely mother nature working at her best. Just a small bit...

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