Wellbeing team

Welcome to the House of Wellbeing collective

We at THOW would love to help get you back to feeling comfortable and loving life in your own skin!

All of our team members were personally selected for their unique gifts and vibrations.


Everyone works with their higher selves – intuition, guides & spirit teams in different ways.

Intuitive guidance will be brought forward to best support you with what is needed in that moment in the name of love & for your highest good.


Each session and experience is completely unique to you!

Lets meet the team 

Chrissy Nash

Energy Intuitive

I do many therapies from massage to intuitive wellbeing guidance, and energy therapy to name the most popular

I am strongly guided by my intuition and use that ability to be the best I can, so that you to be the best you can.

I have always been fascinated with how the universe works and I have always felt there was more than what our physical bodies and minds could perceive. It only seemed to make sense that my own personal journey of self discovery and universal learning would continue.
I found my passion back in the UK where I did an international diploma in complimentary therapies a boy how that has progressed.
I just loved being able to help others, it felt so natural. I felt fulfilled for the first time in my life!

I am sensitive to the energy and emotions of others. I can also channel and read the energy that is around people, situations and circumstances,  facilitating & supporting you with your own clarity, healing and insights.

I’m very present and completely connected with you throughout the session. My intuition guides me to certain places, areas, or I receive messages that will give the best results for you on your journey!

We all deserve to live the life we want.

Inner peace & love now and always,
Chrissy x

“Evolving is the purpose of people, life, the world, the universe.”

Jenny Gower

Energy Coach and Mentor

I feel that I am a coach with great insight, a depth of seeing things in a way that helps you dig into who you are and challenges how you see the world.

With a certificate in life coaching, a diploma in child/youth counselling and 25 years’ experience as a neonatal intensive care nurse. I have a lifetime of experiences and an innate level of intuitively understanding people that she draws on. This enables me to support you through your challenges and transitions on multiple levels.


I offer 1 on 1 coaching in person or via phone/live video, a modular course to do with her in person or online,  and workshops.

Each of us holds space so you can connect to the deeper side of yourself.
You may experience insights or inspirations relating to your life, work or wellbeing, this is your higher self and the unconditional crystalline energy communicating with you in your session whilst you are in a responsive state.

Reach out if you’d like to chat to one of us and find out more